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Summit Igmp snooping vlan ports filter


Юз зе форс, Люк! І буде тобі фільтрація мультикасту на портах. —–

The policy file used by this command is a text file that contains the class-D addresses of the multicast groups that you wish to block. To remove IGMP snooping filtering from a port, use the none keyword version of the command. Use the following template to create a snooping filter policy file:

`# Add your group addresses between “Start” and “end”

Do not touch the rest of the file!!!!

entry igmpFilter { if match any { #—————— Start of group addresses —————— nlri; nlri; #——————- end of group addresses ——————- } then { deny; } } entry catch_all { if { } then { permit; } } ----- **Example:** The following example configures the policy file ap_multicast to filter multicast packets forwarded to VLAN marketing on ports 2:1-2:4: configure igmp snooping marketing ports 2:1-2:4 filter ap_multicast` —–